Azov Shipyard CJSC was established in 1928. Historically, it is one of the oldest shipbuilding and – repairing company in the South of Russia.  The company was engaged in production of wooden fishing vessels until the early 50's of the last century. At a later date the manufacturing production of metallic vessels has been mastered: seiners, tugboats, storm boats and oil skimmers. Over its more than 80-year history Azov Shipyard CJSC has accumulated great experience and become a modern shipbuilding company in the vessels construction of up to 300 tons’ displacement of fishing and service fleets for various sectors of the national economy.

Vessels built on the Shipyard have been delivered to all the former USSR regions from Spitsbergen to Krasnovodsk from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka and Sakhalin, as well as for export to Egypt, Iran, Albania, Cuba, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, Kuwait, Vietnam, Bulgaria and Finland. The scientific-research and crew boats for State Committee for Hydrometeorology, Moscow University, various institutes of the Academy of Sciences and other organizations and state departments have been created in the Shipyard on the basis of manufacture produced vessels. According to the customers’ response the vessels built on the Azov Shipyard are notable for its high quality, easy to control, comfort and economy in use with a relatively low vessel price.

Today Azov Shipyard CJSC is introduced into the Azov port. The company has retained its shipbuilding plant potential and specializes in custom-made building of small vessels as well as in ship repair.