Today the Azov Shipyard CJSC guideline is the design and construction of  custom-made small vessels and yachts and of oil skimmers. In 2008, two suction dredges were built on the plant.


To build vessels the company disposes of the following production capacities:

• a hull shop with area of ​​1683 square meters, including two sections of hull plating facilities and three sections of pipe line-up conveyer including the stocks;

• machine shop with total area of ​​1553 square meters, including production area of ​​1317 square meters. Machinery equipment of the machine shop is made up of 95 units of working equipment.

• launching and lifting of vessels is implemented by the cross slope of 200 tones burden.


Oil skimmer ref. 14630 project

Class of ship: catamaran streamlined, with the engine rooms and deck cabin disposed in the aft with two hydro cyclones in breeding compartments, with two with pinchers.

Ship purpose: Removal of floating oil products and debris of waters closed roadsteads, ports and harbors with the following transport of  collected oil products and debris to the delivery place. Purification of the open waters part is provided by the work on the vessel run, in the stagnant waters areas (close to the piers, moorings, between vessels and etc.) – with the work by moorage, within the limits of the bow maneuvering devices.


Key Specifications


Overall length

24 m

Rated length

23 m

Overall breadth

8,60 m

One hull breadth

3,20 m

Midships depth

2,80 m

Total displacement

208 t

Average draught with total displacement

1,73 m

Tank capacity for collected oil products

26 m3

Debris container capacity

4,80 m3

Width of etched strip (with pinchers)

15 m

Plant output

2х100 kW


4 persons

Oil skimmer "MUS-229" (ref. 14630 project) of the Black Sea Fleet