Closed joint stock Company "Azov Shipyard" carries a certificate of the recognition on shipbuilding and ship repair by the Federal State Institute "Russian Maritime and River Register of Shipping". The company possesses 2 ship-lifting facilities – on the 1st  yard there is a horizontal slip which makes it possible to lift and launch a vessel up to 35 meters long and 200 tones of launching weight and in the waters of the 2nd yard there is a floating dock which makes it possible to lift vessels up to 60 meters long and up to 600 tones weighing. The shipyard has as well capacity to repair machinery and equipment of vessels’ upper works of different classes of up to 5000 tones displacement for river-sea navigation by moorage walls.


 Enumeration of the implemented repair works:

 • deck machinery repair;

• primary motors and mechanical aids repair;

• rudder-propeller unit repair;

•shafting repair and centering;

• vessels’ steam generating units repair;

• hull systems and pipelines repair, including the bottom outboard fittings repair or substitution;

• radio-electronic equipment repair, electrical and electric installation works;

• any kind of hull repair (substitution of exterior paneling and framework, reinforcing of construction, expansion, elongation, modernization and etc.);

• any kind of hull works (gas-cutting, fitter’s, site welding, test and leak test);

• fitting-out and ship trimming, repair or substitution of guard railing, ladders, yards, bonnets, hatches, cladding, rigging and other fitting-out works;

• mechanical and sandblast cleaning, painting of hulls, machinery and parts;

• repair determination of hull and machinery;

• any kind of non-destructive testing of welds.